Frequently asked questions

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How many pieces/Tidbits does a pouch have?


How many calories does a Tidbit have?

1.25 calories

How many calories does a pouch have?

50 calories

Can you give me a calorie comparison between a Tidbit and another treat?

Yes. Four pouches of Tidbits = 1 single doughnut 🍩 (which equals 160 Tidbits)

Are made of all natural ingredients?


Are they sugar-free?


Why do they taste sweet?

That is because of all the love we put into each one of our Tidbits! Just kidding! The sweetness comes from alcohol sugar, which is a good natural substitute.

What other nutritional facts or allergies are they free off?

Tidbits Fun Bites are lactose-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free.

Are there any conservatives or preservatives?

No. They only contain natural ingredients! That is why if you leave the pouch open they start to get chewy.

Are you Kosher certified?


What is the shelf life of a pouch?

One year

Why that long?

Because we take the air (oxygen) out of the pouch.

Once the pouch is open, how long do they last fresh?

It all depends on humidity, the worst enemy of a Tidbit! Once you open the pouch, try to keep it airtight.

Can anyone eat Tidbits?

Yes. That is why it’s the perfect snack!

Can Diabetic people eat them too?

Due to the very low glycemic content Tidbits contain, the answer would be yes, but consult your doctor before having the whole bag.

Is your bag recyclable?


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