We all know that snacking is hard. If we’re on a diet, have health issues, or simply care about the food that we’re putting into our bodies, it takes time, patience, and effort to find healthy snacking options that let us snack how we want to. Products have processed ingredients, large amounts of sugar, unhealthy fat, and loads of carbohydrates. It seems like there’s just no winning!

But the good news is that Tidbits now has a line of diabetic and keto meringue cookies! So let’s talk about what makes these cookies so special, and then keep reading to get some helpful snacking tips to make sure that you can snack how you want to, which is free of worry and guilt about how the food will impact your weight and health.

What Makes Tidbits’ Diabetic and Keto Meringue Cookies so Great?

They’re Sugar-Free

Tidbits’ meringue cookies have a perfect balance of sweetness and natural flavors. We use agave syrup to lightly sweeten our cookies, which adds just a negligible amount of sugar. As you know, sugar can be hidden in many of our favorite snacking foods, including healthy cereals, crackers, yogurt, and granola bars. So if you’re looking for an afternoon snack or a sweet treat, it can be incredibly challenging to satisfy your cravings without hurting your diet or impacting your health.

Contain Zero Net Carbs

Carbs are essentially the enemy of anyone on a keto diet. The purpose of a keto diet is to eat very little carbohydrates and a high amount of healthy fats, this forces your body to enter a ketosis state, in which it burns fat rather than burning glucose, or carbs. Our keto meringue cookies are very low carb, just 5g of isomalt, which is a sugar alcohol. This does count toward your net carbs, but generally not enough to worry about.

Less Than Two Calories Per Piece

If you’re on a diet or thinking about your health, being conscious of calories and being active is a smart way to eat. When you want a sweet treat, each of our meringue cookies contains less than two calories! One whole pouch is actually the same amount of calories as one single Oreo! So instead of reaching for some chocolate chips or a handful of Oreos, reach for Tidbits meringues.

Healthy Snacking Tips

When we’re hungry, it can be hard to control what we eat. So here are a few thoughtful tips on snacking right.

  • Plan Ahead: If you know that you always get hungry in between larger meals, you can plan ahead and have healthy options within reach. In addition, when you’re out running errands, bring some snacks with you so you’re not tempted to grab something in the checkout aisle.
  • Drink Lots of Water: Our bodies need water to stay healthy. And it can help fill us up as well. If you haven’t gotten much water during the day, and you’re starting to feel hungry right before dinner, try drinking a glass of water. This can be exactly what your body needs, rather than giving in to making a potentially unhealthy appetizer.
  • Look at the Labels: It’s important to understand what ingredients are used to make the foods you eat. Even a seemingly healthy snack can be filled with hidden sugars, such as dextrose, fructose, or maltose.
  • Look at Serving Sizes: It’s common for small bags of chips to contain two or more servings per bag. But when you open one of these bags, it’s hard to stop halfway through. But knowing what you’re consuming before you dive in can help.

Shop Tidbits Meringue Cookies
For a healthy sweet treat that is full of delicious flavor, try a bag of Tidbits! Our diabetic and keto friendly meringues come in several flavors, and can be exactly what you need to feel good about your diet and health! Shop our Keto and Diabetic lines today to find your favorite flavor!