So many healthy desserts for weight loss are pretty unappealing. It’s hard to remove the one ingredient your body has learned to crave – sugar – and still give you the same familiar satisfying experience that desserts you “shouldn’t” have would provide. Some healthy desserts under 100 calories can be seen as more of a sacrifice than a treat. 

You’re going to love Tidbits Fun Bites. They’re made from all-natural ingredients, with no sugar, cholesterol, soy, gluten, dairy, GMOs, or high-fructose corn syrup. Less than two calories per piece, Tidbits are the healthy cookie you can enjoy to your heart’s content without any guilt.

That sounds great, but how do they taste?

Best of all, they’re absolutely delicious! These sweet snacks come in nine popular flavors: strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate, birthday cake, caramel, cotton candy, cappuccino, and cookies ‘n cream.

How do Tidbits compare to other popular treats?

Let’s take s’mores, for example: a small marshmallow, two little pieces of chocolate, and a graham cracker. They sound harmless enough, and we all love them. But just one s’more is loaded with sugar and fat and totals almost a hundred calories. You’d have to eat two full pouches of Tidbits to match that amount!

But I’m diabetic and have to watch my diet.

We offer separate lines of our Tidbits Fun Bites meringue treats formulated especially to meet the requirements of both diabetic and ketogenic diets. You can safely substitute them for store-bought cookies for diabetics and keto-friendly snacks.

Tidbits Fun Bites all-natural meringue cookies are your healthy alternative. Keep them on hand to enjoy when only something sweet will do, knowing you can treat yourself without the guilt that comes with over-indulging in foods that raise your cholesterol and pile on the pounds.

Now, eating healthy doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of a sweet, delicious reward. Try Tidbits Fun Bites today!